Visiting Street Food Festival (Zaika-e-Dilli) in Delhi, November 2015


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Having a series of food festivals flooding Delhi at this time of the year, all one can do is try to catch up the most of it one can. This one was on 1st November 2015, a Sunday. I decided to visit this one to begin with for a spicy crispy lunch.


It was indeed. With music and app promotions on the side, I must say I was disappointed by the variety available there.


I expected more dishes for foodies there, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, as Delhi is that kind of city – rich in its street food culture. But still it was the pick of the picks.


It looked like the foodies behind this event actually went out of their way to make sure that we can taste something different here. The most fascinating item among the stalls there was Japani Samosa, although its taste was a let-down for sure.

Japani Samosa

Other stalls with momos, kulfis, badam milk, amritsari kulchas, chaat bhandar, gol gappas, kebabs, chhole kulche, etc were presented at the festival.

Home Made Hummus


First timers do not be shy or scared. It is as good as it gets when it comes to cooking it or eating it. So I made hummus this evening from scratch. Half way through the recipe I started the regular ‘doubting the chef in you’ routine but it all boiled down into fineness. Its simple and easy to make and can be used in several ways too. Its hummus time! Yumm.

The Romantic Dinner at Sbarro

This one I like. This outlet of the famous Italian cuisine chain is in Connaught Place’s N block.


A small stroll from the metro station can get you here easily. Lately they have been serving pizza-of-the-day with a delicious slice of yumminess in just 49 bucks.

Me and my Mister met up after work to spend some time together. I raced from the office to reach the venue at the earliest. As expected, I got there early and waited for him. But then he got me two chocolates and i was the one melting. We met, talked, and came clean about some overdue conversations in the beautiful evening breeze. When it came to decide the place for dinner, he told me he wanted Italian. And when could I say no to that. A popular deli was closing up as we reached its doorsteps. From there we decided to walk the inner circle, till we find a place to dine at. With him, I don’t mind being the person who doesn’t know what she wants till she sees it. He gets it. So off we went on that little adventure. After all, its food.

Well well! We walked the entire inner circle and came back to N block (we started from A block). I knew after the futile search, it had to be Sbarro. After ordering the food, I requested the chef behind counter to send our food upstairs (they have self service). He agreed to it with a smile. Soon as we settled in our seat, I knew its going to be a nice meal. Our food (a vegetarian pasta and two slices of pizza) arrived in no time while we talked some more, cheesily holding hands. I loved the meal and the polite staff there. The pasta veg, two slices veg, and a drink cost us less than 400 bucks, which I agree with.

My word on it? Yumm and mmm…

Mini Cucumber and Cheese Drizzle Bites

Why am I in love with this recipe’s name? Its so adorable.


I remember the day I found out that Wenger’s in Connaught Place sells freshly made batches of bread. I bought a baguette and multi grain bread. Somehow I love the idea of fresh breads and I remember smelling my bought lot on my way home.

I wanted to make something light and quick with it, so decided to invent an appetizer. I cut up the bread in round flats and pan roasted them. Next, I spread some tomato sauce and butter on one side. You can also improvise and use your choice of spreads as base. Then I put some cucumber pieces marinated in salt and black pepper. Then comes the best part on it, some drizzling on top. Some hand mashed cottage cheese on top completes this irresistible snack. You can use your choice of cheese here.

My word on it? Yumm!!

From Rajasthan: Gatte Ki Subzi

It was my first time cooking this and I am pretty happy with the result.


This is a Rajasthani curry and a classic of its vegetarian cuisine. Its primary ingredients are gram flour, curd, and tomatoes. Its not hard to cook and has several variations to suit every palette, from mildly spiced to what-the-fuck-did-i-ever-do-to-you spicy. Well, it is supposed to be spicy.

Quite filling and scrumptious. Yumm!

Egg-less Oreo with Cashew and Butterscotch Chocolate Cake (Without Icing)

I felt like it was my day to bake my favorite recipe again. After improvising a little bit, I decided to add cashews and butterscotch essence in it too.



Like always, came out soft, delicious and melt in mouth cake! Yumm!