Visiting Street Food Festival (Zaika-e-Dilli) in Delhi, November 2015


Event Link

Having a series of food festivals flooding Delhi at this time of the year, all one can do is try to catch up the most of it one can. This one was on 1st November 2015, a Sunday. I decided to visit this one to begin with for a spicy crispy lunch.


It was indeed. With music and app promotions on the side, I must say I was disappointed by the variety available there.


I expected more dishes for foodies there, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, as Delhi is that kind of city – rich in its street food culture. But still it was the pick of the picks.


It looked like the foodies behind this event actually went out of their way to make sure that we can taste something different here. The most fascinating item among the stalls there was Japani Samosa, although its taste was a let-down for sure.

Japani Samosa

Other stalls with momos, kulfis, badam milk, amritsari kulchas, chaat bhandar, gol gappas, kebabs, chhole kulche, etc were presented at the festival.


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