My Taste for Osmanian Cookies

I was gifted these amazingly soft cookies from Karachi Bakery, Hyderabad, few weeks back. I can still taste it on my tongue! Yumm! Advertisements

Mini Potatoes In Fresh Dill : Using Dill In Indian Cuisine

Today I cooked mini/baby potatoes in fresh dill. I remember this subzi from childhood, but not from home as I hardly remember it being cooked at home. It brings back the memories of thinly glazed magazine recipes, which pictured this dish beautifully. Like always, I never bothered reading up a recipe or two about it…

Vegetable Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Yogurt Mayo

This evening turned out to be a sandwich night and it went delicious-ly. I made the Yogurt Mayo at home and mixed it with chopped onion, cucumber and tomato. The mayo had a dominant taste of tang as it is, you know, yogurt. I forgot to make hung curd out of the yogurt first, which…

Annie’s Pazzo Pazzo Pizza (Thin Crust) From Scratch

If I had a candy for every time I thought about pizza in my short span of life, I’d be buried under a huge mountain of a pile as we speak, and a bunch of sugar rush ridden children around me too. So I found this amazing recipe online for making pizza from scratch and…

Sambar Aloo : Just For The Sake Of Cooking

It’s all about instinct for me at the moment, rather than planning. Cooked this Sambar Aloo Sabzi today.  Made it just for the sake of it. Turned out as a spicy sabzi to couple with a hot chapati or crispy morning parantha. That’s it for today. Keep breathing and sniffing!