Mini Cucumber and Cheese Drizzle Bites

Why am I in love with this recipe’s name? Its so adorable.


I remember the day I found out that Wenger’s in Connaught Place sells freshly made batches of bread. I bought a baguette and multi grain bread. Somehow I love the idea of fresh breads and I remember smelling my bought lot on my way home.

I wanted to make something light and quick with it, so decided to invent an appetizer. I cut up the bread in round flats and pan roasted them. Next, I spread some tomato sauce and butter on one side. You can also improvise and use your choice of spreads as base. Then I put some cucumber pieces marinated in salt and black pepper. Then comes the best part on it, some drizzling on top. Some hand mashed cottage cheese on top completes this irresistible snack. You can use your choice of cheese here.

My word on it? Yumm!!


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