Breaking the Vegetarian Conditioning: With Soyabean Subzi

Along with my family, I have it too. Even if I want to give it up to be able to accept all foods in my mouth, I just can’t!

The reason? Generations after generations giving in to carrying forward of what one thought was right. That means making disgusting faces and refraining from consuming garlic and any kind of eggs or meats. Let’s not get too much into opening that can of beans. Its just that all of this has not ensured that my family has good eating habits and in the end we have lumped together religion, ‘pure’, ‘unpure’, and everything which doesn’t make sense to me.

Anyways, all this means we don’t bring or cook mushrooms, and soya bean at home either. Their consistency and texture feels like chicken, so we explain! But since I have tasted Soyabean subzi at my office (our lunch time is a tiffin cum buffet time), I just don’t mind having it whenever anyone at office gets it. There’s a mental trick here. I eat it because it is cooked deliciously and is vegetarian. It is also healthy. My earlier attempts at using it in our meals have bombed (in rice) but not this time!


I cooked it just now and am quite happy with my attempt. Its spicy and tangy in flavour, two tbsp of oil, has my favorite curry leaves and peas too. I don’t care but I am going to eat it all, even if no one at my home wants to. Yumm!

Next challenge : Mushroom peas subzi


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