Gay Dating and My Absolutely Foolish Mind Fuck


Cigarettes – 6! In a row! (FML!) Mind – Absolutely fucked, obviously! Current Song – lip syncing to Cry – Kelly Clarkson! Enough! Let’s start now, I want to vent!

This is one of those rants that apparently have no rhyme or reason – except this one does!

So, I am pissed! Why? I don’t know, but let’s see. There is this guy who is all about intellectualism and all that jazz. He is hot with his unkempt long beard *drools!* He gets me. And I feel a range of exotic sensations in my body each time he takes my name. And did I mention, he likes to take my name a lot…no no, A LOT while talking. So, you can imagine the mind fuck I have while talking to him.

And no, the story doesn’t end there. Obviously, he is all endearing and enchanting with the way he makes…

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