Just a Faint Away: Bottle Gourd and Cucumber Sabzi

Well I fainted on Friday. Yes a complete blackout n fall. I feel fine but at my paranoid best. Some say its a heatstroke and some say its food related allergy. Some blame it on my smoking. My world is not perfect. Neither is my health. I think I have given up on it. I am planning to address it now, like many of my useless plans. Let’s see how far I go on with it. Just for myself. That’s the harshest reality for me at the moment.

I cooked a healthy healthy curry on the aftermath of this fainting episode. Luckily it was a weekend. This is what I came up with, my own recipe. I had to reassure myself!

This is a curry containing two spoons of vegetable oil and half a spoon of creamy. It came out better than I thought. Just the way I wanted.

It contains bottle gourd, cucumber, two types of lentils, sambhar masala, salt, chili, onions, tomatoes, and curry leaves. Won’t say more. It felt healthy to cook and have it. A bit of over roasted lentils though. I will be experimenting with more vegetables soon. Going for vegetable shopping tomorrow. Fingers crossed!



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