Madan Cafe & Restaurant, Paharganj – Delhi, India

An utter classic of travellers and locals alike, it sits proudly as a small but busy cafe in the bustling Paharganj. I have visited this one twice yet and plan to go there again this weekend. Although its not air conditioned, I would still go there just to have its iced lemon tea.


Quite cheap and affordable, it serves great cafe and restaurant food too. I am yet to try more from their menu but till now I do not regret ordering Pushkar Thali, macaroni in white sauce, chocolate banana shake, and off course….the thoroughly chilling Iced Tea.

My take on it, a must-visit!


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  1. sweetartisan says:

    Hi there…thanx for stopping by ……..I read through some of your posts and know what???you are my kinda gal … the one on street food and Mumbai Vada Pav. It’s been an eternity since I had that…so thanks for reminding!! Love Khush 🙂

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