I Am Alive and Cooking : Back with a Sandwich

This is not a blog entry. Not something that I have been dreading to put up. Not another effort to make myself believe that this is not over. This is just a kick in my shin. A hope of the things I can do but feel that just because I don’t do them anymore doesn’t mean its un-learned. Guess what! I cooked! Again. After so many days. A breakfast sandwich. A healthy breakfast sandwich. Enough ranting. It began with a bread loaf.


This beauty is my first bread loaf. No I didn’t bake it but I bought it.From the Wenger’s Bakery in Connaught Place of Delhi. During the latest one of my joy rides in the bakery, I noticed the section. This utterly ignored one (by me). But the moment I made an eye contact with it I knew what I had to do. I spent the next two days smelling and fantasizing about it while this one lay in my fridge.

Last night I made a filling of curry leaves, lentiles, gourd, carrots, onions, and tomatoes for bidding this loaf a goodbye. The filling came out real good, and you know that it makes me happy.

This morning I found the perfect amount of time before office to put it together. I planned this after all. The most exciting part came with slicing the loaf. I took out my favorite knife and enjoyed every crumb of slicing the loaf.

The rest was easy peasy. Filled. Grilled. And ready! What a day! And a Sandwich. Yumm.

Please hope that I am back to write again, sooner. Power to all of us.


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