My Visit To Dude Food Restaurant, Satya Niketan, Delhi

Let the pictures and our faces do the talking…


(The entrance and the ambiance)

(Great for a hangout, college students or a casual date)


(The shock/laugh treatment)

(Loved these little elements)


(Digging eyes into the menu)

(Happyness/confusion/ decisions/friends screaming in excitement/ limited seating in the stomach)


(African Fries – Rs. 139)

(It was worth ordering and made a great side for the pizza. Although they could have made the complimentary dip more interesting)


(Strawberry Mojito – too sweet for my taste, and Mint Mojito – well done, Rs. 110 each)

(Bestie/My extension trying to have it all and succeeding) 


(Tasting the Brownie Shake before melting for/by it )

(It was worth ordering the drink)


(Now here goes the melting)


(Dude Pizza – A deep dish crust filled generously with soft mozarella and lots of crunchy munchy vegetables – Rs. around 275)

(Highlight – The freshly baked crackling sounds when placed hot at our table and the sudden rush of the aromas. Off course the taste. Oh! the taste)


(Too much in hurry to eat it that the slice looks blurred but is actually much more beautiful in person)


(You pay for your own sins, you indulgent *****r!!)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Saransh says:

    The pizza looks so awsome n irrisistible. N da bloggers pic is the cherry on the cake , speacially the expressions of satisfaction which says it all

    1. Aww! Thank you fellow foodie 🙂

  2. Da Dude says:

    Thanks a lot for the lovely words , We look forward to your next visit .

    1. Oh I will! Can’t wait!

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