Chandni Chowk Food Walk 1 – Part 2

(Written about two months ago)

Continuing on our tryst of eating the life out of our mind and the plates, we exited PWG and spotted the Natraj Dahi Bhalla Corner across the road. After giving rest to our taste buds and stomach by walking around a bit, we tried their Dahi Bhalla. Absolutely and utterly delicious!


It is one of the best versions of Dahi Bhalla that I ever tasted, as i am not a big fan of this particular street food. The savory curd, appropriately flavored chutney, soft bhalla balls and the spicy masala on top – Oh! How can I forget it?


For dessert, we chose to get the Kulfi right besides the Natraj Dahi Bhalla Corner.


Not particularly outstanding, but nice job overall. Also the guy selling it had this sweet awkward expression when I proposed to click a pick of him handing over the Kulfi. Look!


This is a very small fragment of the food wonderland that resides in every corner of Delhi. I’ll be back, hungry for more. Yumm!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. gaytri says:

    Uhuh ! no offense, but I would really like to connect with you and show the real side of old delhi some day 🙂

    1. None taken! My knowledge is limited and in dearth of fellow foodies. Feel free to show me your version of Delhi 🙂

      1. Gaytri says:

        Great ! I am back here after a long time and i must meet you to show it 🙂

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