Not So Forgotten Malai Kofta

(Written about two months ago)

With my procrastination bursting out of my seams, it has been more than a week since I blogged last. But here I am sitting with a fellow foodie getting a push and a helping hand in completing what I have been avoiding since the last entry, at least one of the things. So some relatives were coming over for lunch and when I helped to decide the menu for their four course meal, I proposed to cook my foolproof recipe for Malai Kofta for the main course, along with the other dishes they were making, just for the sake of my contribution. It took me a little above an hour to get it done and it came out beautifully. Now I know that many people or cooks or chefs can debate upon how a certain dish or anything should be done. But we can all cook our own versions and feel happy about the outcome rather than crying over how a certain something is supposed to be. The Malai Kofta, as the name suggests, consists of cream (lots and lots of cream) and koftas (fried soft balls made out of cheese and flour ). It comes in the category of those ‘rich’ gravies meant for special occasions. The usual version is also a bit sweet in flavor but mine was not. But this little detail was overpowered by all the other strong aroma of spices as it simmered in the wok. Here you go!


As chopped cashews adorned the gravy, the dominating yellow color of the gravy was diluted by the coarse ground black pepper and dried fenugreek leaves. The koftas could have been softer but were delicious and well soaked in the gravy. The flavors, although spicy, were intense with hints of smoky and earthy. I doubted the outcome at first but as I peeked at the expressions of the guests as they took the first bite of my gravy, i rushed back to the wok and tasted it myself. Yumm! Need i say more?


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