The Overdue Ras-Malai


Yes I made it and it was divine. But I made it in April and I am posting it in July. Why the lapse of time, we will find it out somewhere in future but for now, I am making up for it in whatever way possible.

Like most of my cooking I made this dessert by reading many recipes and improvising later on. Rasmalai is an Indian dessert which is soft chenna balls served in flavored milk with nuts and saffron. Making this seemed like an immense task in the beginning which is directly related to how divine it tastes. I started with making the chenna and then draining as much water out of it as i could. While that was happening, I started with boiling the milk and reducing it. Then i made balls out of the chenna and boiled them. The important tip here is to let the chenna balls cool down before you take them out of the water. Then i added chopped nuts, Kashmiri saffron essence and sugar to taste to the reduced milk preparation and let it simmer for a while till it’s done. After cooling down the milk enough to refrigerate it, I immerse the balls into the flavored milk and let it sit. These soft delights were gone in no time and i was left with half a piece of it to taste.


I let my mother help me through this and the good news is, this time I controlled her self doubt. It was pretty close to what is available in sweet shops here. The Chhena balls were soft ( not too soft though!) and the milk had all its balanced elements of saffron essence, nuts, sugar and thickness. Even though someone did comment on the softness of the chenna balls, the others found it as good as the ones in the sweet shops. I savored that last remaining piece with a feeling of satisfaction and peace. I loved the experience that I still remember it now! Pretty easy recipe too. Will be back with more extensive posts soon! Happy eating!


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