International Dishes, Desi Twist : Delightful Cooking!

IMG_279739804847506[1]  Anything to do with food, especially an event, and my impulses go on playing Quidditch across my mind. So I came to know about this demonstration and tasting workshop in Delhi few days back and I knew I wanted to be there. So I had a word with one of the hosts and they let me in for covering the event. What I didn’t know about was that this workshop was so much more than just food and I am glad that they made it happen.


It is being organised by MAD – Make A Difference, a platform that empowers youth to take responsibility. To provide children at risk a positive learning ecosystem that will help them unleash their potential.  The venue is Sattviko, a vegetarian restaurant in GK 2. The sheer idea behind this place is brilliant and practical. Also the media partner for the event is a renowned health  and lifestyle magazine, Prevention.

Yes I was pretty excited to be able to be there for such a fantastic event. I did reach a bit late there and missed the introduction. But I got there right on time for the free consultation by a Nutrition Consultant, Neelanjana Singh. To be truthful, I tend to shrug every time anyone says the word ‘healthy’. But the way she used her consultation to speak about food, diets and health was a revelation I was hoping to happen. She spoke about cholesterol, balance in food, personalized diet regimens, happy eating and a lot more. It was a treat for my ears and good news for my mental stomach.



Immediately after the consultation, the cooking workshop begins. Everybody quickly throngs around the chef Rishi Verma and his cooking area. The table was lit up with a variety of rustic and fresh ingredients, all with vibrant colors. Take a look for yourself!


The first recipe that he cooked for us is Sabudana Poha. Its a light breakfast recipe that includes tastefully assembled ingredients and a crunch much needed in our breakfast. He also provided us with numerous tips and suggestions while he cooked and the participants went on to get all their questions and doubts cleared, which Rishi did with his seasoned wisdom. The dish was filling, with a perfect whiff of sweet, salty and spicy with dry fruits.



While we savored his first creation, the chef went on to prepare the next dish which was a salad – Chilled Watermelon Salad with Italian Vinaigrette and Orange Ginger  Dressing. We looked in awe as he assembled the salad with charm and taste. He served it for us, garnished with feta cheese. The fascinating part about this salad was that he prepared both the delectable dressings himself and the flavors complimented every other aspect of the salad. Sweet, sour and Yumm!




His final recipe was Vegetable Burrito. It was a strenuous recipe and instead of going into much detail about its ingredients, let me just go back a few hours. I was standing there, in front of his stove with my nostrils flared up as he sprinkled the spices (most of which he made himself) and the carefully selected ingredients, cooking them with much compassion. I won’t say more but one bite and I was in love till it lasted. He served it with a savory salsa and a side of lettuce and cucumber salad. Divine!



By the time we were finished, I had already come up once for air and then dived right back in, reminiscing over what I just experienced. People were polite and compassionate, food was amazing and the aroma of spices in the air was just concluding into a perfect evening when the people from Make A Difference spoke about something that proved to be the cherry on this healthy healthy cake. As there was an entry fee, the proceeds from this event will be going in to help the children through their organisation, with every single participant there sponsoring a month’s worth of education for a child. It was learning for a cause.

They will be doing another workshop at the same place this Sunday again. Wanna join in? Here is a link for their event. Keep up the good work people! Best of luck to you.


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