My Darling Garden Pizza : Cafe Blue Tomato

For you it can be a review, but for me it is my latest brush with the seductive tentacles of love. Cheesy yet? Nope? okay.

For a day I had my pizza dinner planned for the Saturday night and for those who know me too well would know the place of my fantasy. Well I was out with a fellow foodie in Rajouri Garden, on our way to look at different cheeses and a slice of impulsive brownie drowning in the perfect chocolate sauce before dinner when he remembered of this leaflet of a restaurant he was looking at few days back. He particularly stressed on the fascination he was overcome with, when he started reading up the menu. But unable to recall the name of that place, we stopped the car and sent our androids racing for the possibility of locating the name of the place, which we finally did – Blue Tomato. Once we knew that, finding the address was not a hard nut to crack. Also, my friend knew his way around the streets on this part of Delhi so locating the cafe was not a big deal. So, there I was, entering the cafe with my nostrils flared up, trying to catch a whiff of the food being gobbled by others there.

After seating ourselves, our waiter was right with us holding out the menus. And the first gasp was right then. Just look at these!


These were wooden chopping boards with the menu binding on them. For almost five to seven minutes all we could do was take in the colors, the creamy words and the variety of dishes in front of us. I kept sneaking a look on other tables and the food… oh the food on it. As it was supposed to be a pizza night, we decided to go for their Garden Pizza. And behold!


It was completely, absolutely and utterly love at first sight for me. The crust? Crunchy on the edges and cooked in the middle. It was the BEST thin crust pizza crust I have ever laid my eyes on. The sauce? Distinctive yet authentic. The cheese? Soft, stringy and just the right amount, i.e. lots. Vegetables? Fresh, crunchy, well cooked, and just the right amount that I can handle on my darling darling pizza. It was filling for two people which was a wonder for me at least. It was like food porn, but live. Amazing flavors!

Loved the ambiance, decor and the combination of colors which was the perfect setting. The staff is polite and the owner/chef making rounds was a delight to look at, making sure if all was going good with a nice smile on his face and also, there was something about him…. like a trail of passion about what he really loves to do.

By the time we were finished with the pizza, we were in a dilemma if we should take the hint from our satisfied stomach or give into our temptation of ordering their Pomodoro Pasta. Finally, we promised our taste buds to return to this amazing cafe again and let our hearts fulfill every possible and consumable fantasy there. Yumm!


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  1. An Englishwoman in Italy says:

    Thankks for liking my blog. I’d love to take you to our pizzerie (pizza restaurants) in Le Marche. I’m sure you’d have some insightful comments.

    1. U have no idea, how once in a lifetime and tempting opportunity you have just provided me here. Thanks for the gesture 🙂

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