Coconut Pineapple Cake

Yes I am still hanging in there. This one I baked few days back for a friend and is one for the books, although it looks quite basic.

I had some pineapple cake mix and when I heard from my friend starting work at a new place, I baked it just before visiting him. I usually do it in the microwave but decided to give pressure cooker a try. It just took me 15 minutes to get it done. It didn’t brown on the edges and was soft with the perfect moist feel to the bread, which I wouldn’t be able to achieve in the microwave. So I let it stand for a few minutes to cool it off and sliced it into big chunky pieces. For the final touch, I coated these chunks of sweet and spongy delights with sweetened coconut powder. The combination of the flavors was well received by many who tasted it. By the time I returned home after handing over my friend his share, the few slices I left at home for dessert had already vanished which by the way is a good feeling to have around you.


These can go amazingly with some coffee or tea or some ice cream maybe. Yumm!


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