9 Spice Mughlai Dum Aloo : For Celebrating My Mother’s First Birthday

Cooked this amazing, completely spiced up version of Dum Aloo yesterday. This one is for my mother, as it was her request that I cook this and what follows now is more about her and this day than how this dish really tasted. Here you go!


Its one of those moments that absolutely stays with you for the rest of your life and one of those things you are completely sure of, if not anything else in your life. So the simple story is that after trying to grill my mother multiple times about the knowledge of her birth date, which she says for whatever reason that she is not aware of (more like no one gave a fuck about it really), it just struck me. No one celebrates her birthday.

It was pointed out by my recent therapist Shree, that how we never celebrate the birth of the woman who gave birth to my entire world and family. She is there on everyone’s birthday, cooking desserts and what not and making a big deal of the day with her everlasting somewhat plastered smile. She just told me to start doing that. Just pick a date and do it. The feeling was strengthened by what I felt when I regressed back to being a baby in her womb. So I got to know from my mother dear that it was April that she was sure of but not the date. Then the Navratri festival started and instead of postponing it, I chose the best possible day, cooked her this recipe which she suggested along with other things, somewhat planned her getting out of the house for an hour or so, got the cake, put up some balloons and it was truly worth it. It was the look on her face and the tear in her eye, which she kept wiping away on the pretext of,” oh! Something got in my eye”, that blew me away, followed by dinner and dessert of her choice. I am glad I did this.

As for the recipe, it was tangy, spicy and nearly perfection. The potatoes were boiled, fried, scooped out and stuffed with cheese. The combination of spices left a trail of aroma in the kitchen which made it stand out for me. The chopped nuts in the gravy were an amazing touch after all.

Kisses and hugs! I just felt like giving these to you.


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  1. Ayesha says:

    looks amazing! 🙂

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