Chana Chili

My effort to get out of my persistent writer’s block is now buried under a deep sticky layer of procrastination. So in a moment of desperation and not to stop the posts, here is one post, as I won’t give up what little I have managed to have here.
Cooked Chana Chili few days back, pretty simple and filling appetizer.


The story behind this recipe is I was treated to this rich appetizer in a restaurant in Kurukshetra by a cousin and from that moment on it somehow got embedded in my mind. So I was making my trip back from the place a few months back, and this dish suddenly came to the surface, flopping around so noisily that I made a point of visiting that restaurant and buying it. Then I spent the next hour eating it and figuring out the recipe in the car. And then here it is. Dig in! I will be back with more because I am not going anywhere.


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