Broccoli Salad With Cheese, Flavored Onions, Homemade Vinaigrette Dressing And Ginger Bread Sticks

Yesterday I gave salads a try by making this amazing and savory Broccoli salad with olives, cheese, onions soaked in vinegar and toasted ginger-flavored bread sticks to go with it.

I really don’t have a salad eating/loving family but still I try coming up with best possible recipes which can be associated with the word healthy for that matter. Here comes the salad!


I steamed the broccoli and diced it into really small bites so they wont look too intimidating in the salad. Next I soaked some sliced onions into a bit of vinegar and let it stand for a bit. During that time, I sliced some cottage cheese into really tiny pieces and tossed it in the bowl as, well i like the way it looks in a salad. Then went in the olives and sliced onions after draining the latter out.

About the dressing, I first researched a bit about the types of dressings out there and chose to go with the Vinaigrette. I had a sour, appropriately salty, tad bit spicy and a hint of sweet flavor for the dressing in mind. Well rest was an easy deal, whisking along some of the familiar ingredients and the only fact repulsive about this salad was I had to whisk in 3 tsp. of oil in it but it blended in quite well I must say. Tossed the salad around a few times then with the dressing and went on to the final step.

All that was left to do was whisk together the salted butter with the ginger, applying it over the toasted bread and slicing it to get the bread sticks. I loved it, and I am not even a salad person. Glad I found my way around it. Simply bon appetit!



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