Comfort Food The Momo’s Point Way : Visiting Jawahar Nagar In Delhi

Visited Jawahar Nagar, near Kamla Nagar, in Delhi day before yesterday with a friend.

We met up, talked and stuff and shared our anxious daily chatter. It was around 3 in the afternoon and after draining each other’s ears out for whatever bothered us in the past few days, I decided to go for something hot, spicy and crispy. We headed for the nearby Momo’s Point in Jawahar Nagar. Its an amazing but cramped establishment which serves lip-smacking and nose-watering dishes of Chinese, Tibetan and fusion cuisine.

Now earlier I had tasted their Crispy Chili Potato which I loved and was perfect for my craving. But I first decided to order Tandoori Momos from the menu, as I was craving for it too for a long long time. Trust me I love their service for being so quick and polite! Here you go…



After hurriedly gobbling up these spicy round tandoori bombs one by one and then dousing our mouths with their green mint drink, we ordered the trusted crispy chili potato and it was divine just like before, although I remember these fire sticks being a bit more crispier.


Anyways it was delicious and by the time we finished up the platter (yes, we clumsily ate it straight from the platter), we were wiping our noses and panting from all the chili. Yumm! Then we left the establishment with a promise to return for more soon, and started searching for something sweet and chocolaty to dig our teeth into. Right then, my buddy mentioned that they serve a Triple Chocolate Muffin at Costa Coffee on the nearby Bungalow Road which is his best bet and as I had never had it before, we decided to give it a try. And here it is!


It was warm, not so gooey and okay. I think it is basically a brownie muffin with very few chocolate chunks on top and centre. I was not so impressed as I have had better chocolate stuff that I would pay a hundred bucks to eat rather than this. But still, as long as its chocolate.


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  1. maurnas says:

    I wasn’t hungry till I saw this.

  2. ohiocook says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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