Celebrating Basade : I Do Not Know What This Exactly Means

Okay. My part in cooking this amazing platter of food was minimal and I am only posting this because it is a nice childhood memory that I get to relive every year. Here is the platter!


This is for a little festival called Basade and the only fact I know for sure about this festival is the food has to be prepared the previous night, stored in the kitchen overnight. Then the next morning, my mother goes to the temple to offer a part of this food to some god (oh! the number of Indian gods out there) and later we get to eat this (yay! finally).

It consists of Gulgule (top-left), fried dough of sugar and wheat flour. Then comes the Puri (top-right), fried pancakes of wheat flour dough. Lastly, its the rice cooked in jaggery and cardamom. Digg in already will ya!


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