Stuffed Potatoes In Cheese Sauce With Stir Fry Baby Corn

Made stuffed potatoes roasted in cheddar cheese sauce served with stir fried baby corn.

Its a lip smacking appetizer and I put together this recipe after a bit of procedural research. These are potatoes with a filling of cheese, assorted Indian spices and sauces. Then I had some cheddar cheese sauce which I used for the coating and then baked it for a few minutes. The potatoes come out of the oven looking all delicious and coated with a slightly brown and crispy layer with a lingering aroma of salty cheddar filling up the entire kitchen.

Then I slice some baby corns and onions and toss them around in some olive oil. When half way done (I slightly burnt the baby corn) add some chili sauces of your choice, cook for a few minutes and set aside. Served with a dash of chopped coriander leaves on the top. Here you go!



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