Carrot Kanji

It is an old, seasoned recipe of a fermented Indian winter drink which is very healthy and seasonal. Presenting Carrot Kanji!


I have fond memories of this drink from my childhood, where I remember my mother, paternal grandmother and late maternal grandmother preparing it, which is very easy by the way. Its made from mainly black carrot and beetroot which are available easily in winter. You fill up a glass jar or a ceramic jar with water, add some mustard powder, red chili powder and salt to taste and mix with a ladle. Then peel your carrots n beetroot and slice them in preferable shape before tossing them in the jar and seal it off. The next part is really fun. Pick the jar up carefully and shake it like checking an old piggy-bank for lost little treasures. Cha-ching!

Then make sure you place a jar at a dry place where it gets exposed to the winter sun few hours a day. If no sunlight, don’t cry over it, just a dry place would do. Do this for 5-6 days and keep stirring once or twice every 2 days. Drink up my friend! Kanji tastes a bit spiced and pungent with hints of tangy and a beautiful dark purple color. Also the vegetable slices are pickled by then and can be eaten with the drink or used however you can imagine it to be. Yumm!

You can store it in a cool dry place for ten days or something and then refrigerate for few more days as it can go bad. It is comforting for me like tea. A fresh basil leaf with the glass has its own charm!


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  1. ruchisahota14 says:

    It is very gud for digestion too !!!

      1. ruchisahota14 says:

        It’s very low in calories and one of the best summer drink for weight watchers ….the tangy taste of KANJI repairs the taste buds after bitter taste of medicines ..One more option to make it by replacing ” carrots” by “moong dal pakodi” …

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