Quick Meal : 15 Minutes Disc Pasta and Peas In White Sauce

Made disc pasta and peas in white sauce for lunch, kind of looked like Mac n cheese.
I bought this bag of this adorably shaped disc pasta at supermarket and boiled them with the peas. What I like about this one is its made from semolina.


Then I had this white pasta sauce mix, that I bought at the supermarket too, which I used to make the pasta. Also I was out of milk, which I realised at the last moment, but I had some cream that I blended in some water and it worked almost perfectly fine.


Rest was easy peasy. Boiled the milk substitute, mixed the sauce mix, cooked it up for few seconds. Then what I did is mixed the pasta while the sauce was still a bit watery.


So till the time all the water had dried up from the pan, the pasta was beautifully laced up in the creamy sauce and tasted great. In the end, I sprinkled some black pepper and a bit of chopped coriander for a leafy aroma! Dig in!


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  1. maurnas says:

    I’ve never seen that shape of pasta before. But then again, I think I am one of the few people on the planet that can’t stand the stuff.

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