Kurukshetra Trip : Eating And Jingling All The Way

So yesterday I had to travel to Kurukshetra, Haryana with some folks and when I heard that they’ll be stopping on the way at Murthal for lunch, it was just the opportunity I needed amidst whatever that was happening.

But before the lunch, we spotted some local vendors on the highway and we made a stop to get this!


Its corn on the cob but they say its cooked in the sand that gives it a very earthy aroma and a fully cooked corn flavor. What makes it even more tempting is the tangy masala and lemon juice generously applied on the corn. Yumm!

Next stop, a dhaba (highway diner) called Amrik Sukhdev.


Yes, THAT’S a dhaba. I never expected a dhaba to look this fancy but well, anything is possible and I tried to digest the view in front of me with a gulp of fresh air. We move inside and found a seat for ourselves but still everything about this place can remind you of a nice restaurant in Delhi but a dhaba. Oh well! We ordered the food a la carte, and while waiting, I started to click some memorable and amazing pics of the well assorted layout on the table we were at.



For some reason, my cousin, who had been there before, showed me the time when we placed our order and asked me to check how long it takes for the waiters to get the food ready and on our table. I was pretty surprised to see that it took them just under five minutes to do so. Hurriedly, we all started passing around the bowls and tasting the food, well I was. Here comes the Thali.


We ordered Malai Kofta, Dal Fry, Tandoori Rotis, Missi Rotis and sweet Lassi. Halfway through my meal, I realized that I haven’t taken any pictures of the food, which I hurriedly did, so as to get back to the eating. The food was lip-smacking and the Lassi was great. The cherry on the top was the vinegar laced onions and the assorted pickels.


Cherished trip, delicious food and temporarily satisfied me. All in all, I LOVE dhabas forever.


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