Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda With Basmati Rice

Alright! Now this is a biggie to imagine closely. Cooked Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda with Basmati rice today.


This is a journey in itself and is a renowned part of North Indian cuisine. I made it for supper and it was my first time making it and I passed with flying colors I must say. I consulted a recipe or two to get the gist of this dish.

It’s tangy, spicy and turmeric flavoured taste is inspired by a cherished memory…. that of a langar (communal feasts on the occasion of a festival or at religious establishments in India). To my surprise I was able to achieve almost the same color, consistency and taste with this dish. With the rice, it was my first time cooking it without any guidance as well. But the rice turned out well cooked, thanks to my timely improvisation. Accomplished I must say!


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  1. Balder92490 says:

    Oh man! Basmati rice is my favorite type of rice! How long did this take to make?

    1. 15-20 minutes of boiling

      1. Balder92490 says:

        not bad at all. thank you for the recipe!

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