Cheese And Bell Pepper Frankie

People! Frankie!
Frankie! People!

Made these surprisingly scrumptious Frankie rolls with a filling of cheese and leftover potato pops with bell peppers.


Firstly, I made the outer covering with all purpose flour. The main trick is to keep these thin but soft, so you can use some olive oil on these as well.

For the filling, I had some leftover potato pops from evening, which was the prompting inspiration behind this recipe. Also, there was a red bell pepper in the fridge that was about to go bad in the coming days. So, I chopped up the pepper finely, sautéed in some oil till done (looked beautifully red), and added chilli sauces. Then I added cottage cheese cubes and the pops in the mixture and cooked it until done. Then all I had to do was apply the filling in the soft bread, topped it with some onion slices and rolled it over. The Frankie turned out, as I’ve said before, surprisingly delicious. Yumm!


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