Frosty Pineapple Cake : Because The Cherry On The Top Is Never The Last One

Baked Pineapple cake today, for dessert.

The point of this post is sweet, plain and simple just like the cake I baked today…. too sweet maybe?! Its about life and the nuttiness that is always present at the back of our every day lives.


Its egg-less and I am not going to lie to you, that I made it from a ready made cake mix I bought at a supermarket few days back. Even this too-sweet-to-eat frosting is just good to look at I would say. But its only till the time I get some working recipes for cakes, to work with. The only ingredient home made in this is me and the hope i put in it. Even if its so imperfect in the general baking norms, I still declare out and loud that I love it. For what it has become.

About the cherry on the top, you know how we keep referring to the many happy and sad events in our lives and exclaim with a tone,

“Well, isn’t that the cherry on the top!” 

Life is always so mysteriously UNPREDICTABLE that whatever happens, good or bad or grey, we will always find something to top it off, because the cherry on the top is never the last one. Waiting for this life to unfold more and mORE.

For the cake, its bread is soft n crispy on the edges, but smoothly textured inside. Happy baking everybody!


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  1. sophiebowns says:

    Yummy- yes please!

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