Mini Potatoes In Fresh Dill : Using Dill In Indian Cuisine

Today I cooked mini/baby potatoes in fresh dill.

I remember this subzi from childhood, but not from home as I hardly remember it being cooked at home. It brings back the memories of thinly glazed magazine recipes, which pictured this dish beautifully. Like always, I never bothered reading up a recipe or two about it as my instinct to read into ingredients was already there. So here it goes!


I would put this subzi in the category of mild flavored, every day recipes which are healthy and give off a fresh, leafy aroma mixed with basic spices of the Indian kitchen to begin with. Just a spoon of oil, ginger, spices and potatoes and fresh dill from a nearby vegetable market would do the trick. You can serve it with parantha, chapati or rice as well, with a side of curd or pickle. All in all, loved it to the very leaf of it!


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