Vegetable Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Yogurt Mayo

This evening turned out to be a sandwich night and it went delicious-ly.

I made the Yogurt Mayo at home and mixed it with chopped onion, cucumber and tomato. The mayo had a dominant taste of tang as it is, you know, yogurt. I forgot to make hung curd out of the yogurt first, which led to a thin sauce like mix. Then the next thing I knew, I was trying to find a balance of between sweet and salty flavor of the mayo. But that being said, the other ingredients, herbs, and spices worked out pretty well i think. I also had a container of Smoked Paparika Cheese Spread which i planned to use for the sandwich.


So, the rest of the drill was easy-peasy. Cheese on a slice and mayo mix on the other, throw them together and pop ’em in the griller toaster. All in all, another recipe for another day and I am loving it!


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