Annie’s Pazzo Pazzo Pizza (Thin Crust) From Scratch

If I had a candy for every time I thought about pizza in my short span of life, I’d be buried under a huge mountain of a pile as we speak, and a bunch of sugar rush ridden children around me too.

So I found this amazing recipe online for making pizza from scratch and decided to give it a shot. I named it Annie’s Pazzo Pazzo Pizza.


First I prepared the dough with a lot…. a lot of kneading and then kept it for a few hours to let it rise. Meanwhile I cooked the topping of onion, capsicum, cherry tomatoes and red cabbage, which was like a Color-Orgasm in itself. Then I prepared the most amazing, aromatic and delicious pizza sauce i ever sniffed…. yes i like to sniff around my food a lot!

Next, I put it together as indicated in the recipe, off-course with my improvisations as i like my crust crispy and thin. I popped it in the oven and Voila! After 20 minutes of worth-it waiting around, I savoured my Pazzo Pazzo Pizza and it was divine. It is full of healthy vegetables and every curve of it is home made, apart from the cheese. I used basil in the sauce and fresh herbs in the topping. Oh the feeling of tearing up the basil leaves with hands!


Oh well, this pizza is a delight and i take almost full credit for it. I was constantly thinking about Julia Roberts eating that heavenly pizza in Naples in the movie ‘Eat Pray Love’. I was in a frenzy today in the kitchen which climaxed into a foodgasm. Loved it!


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