Vegetable Momos (Steamed) With Home Made Chilli Sauce And Mayonnaise

It took me almost the whole day with testing and trying various recipes for the outer layer of the momos but finally at the end of the evening, here I sit writing this post with a plateful of delicious momos and two homemade sauces to go with it.



There was a lot of speculation at first which made me try out four different versions of the dough but in the end, I consulted this blog on Tibetan cuisine which showed the correct way of preparing the dough. The vegetable filling and the chilli sauce was cakewalk (oh! I wish) to prepare but again merged two recipes with customized variation of ingredients to nail the mayonnaise, with which i am quite satisfied. So final word on these little dumplings of foodie heaven is …… Yumm… and Yess….. Happy and satisfied!


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  1. alkaplan says:

    I would love the recipe for this one if you have it.

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