Chocolate Pudding With A Heart And Nuts : Valentine’s Day Special

Made Chocolate pudding with nuts and an apparent strawberry heart. It tastes as delicious as it sounds. Creamy is the first word that begins to describe this Valentine’s Day Special dessert.

So there I was going through a meltdown few days back, you know over thinking things, feeling lonely and all the WONDERFUL feelings that come with that. Then began the conversations with my brownie of a friend Anuj and later a soothing therapy with a trusted fellow friend and foodie Shree, which happened today. So here I am feeling all these things and in calm with myself (for once!), going through some awesome thoughts and this feels like something I always imagined it to be. Then I came home and completed my promise to me by making this chocolaty dessert…


It has the lightest kick of coffee, balanced subtleness of salt, aroma of cinnamon, crunch of walnuts and the creamy, aphrodisiac chocolate. I went on to sprinkle some grated chocolate on top as if those were the sparkles.

The best part about it is the strawberry heart, which stands on top of the dessert mountain, alone but proud! Love it….


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