Anaari Sev Poori : Street Food Craving

If you ever happen to be in my city, Delhi, and you return without gobbling on its ethnically diverse street food, you’d be missing a big part of Indian Cuisine which is a whole new world in itself.

I cannot even begin to list out the dishes to try here as there are so many of them, but I think I speak for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike, it is worth a trip to different parts of the city.

Made Anaari Sev Poori last night for snacks.


Now you look at this picture and tell me you don’t feel like popping one of these in your mouth. I am THAT confident about these. My fellow foodie Shree treated me to these at her office few days back and I couldn’t get these off my mind. So here they are!

It was a delight to see my brother eat these and I could see him smile with his mouth full. These little treats were like magic unfolding in your mouth with the chutneys, spicy filling, mashed potato, chopped onions, tangy yoghurt, juicy pomegranate seeds and lastly crispy sev. Quite wholesome and filling. I sprinkled a pinch of chaat masala for that extra tang. It was crumbly, juicy, tangy and spicy and sweet and delicious.

Need I say more? Stop talking and start eating!!


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  1. Enough said, pass me the plate?

    1. Savour awayyyy…… :p

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