The Spice Fiesta : My Food Stalking Begins

So the stalking has begun and food, cozy kitchens, chefs and foodies are on my hit-list.

Yesterday I visited my fellow blogger friend and my nutty brownie full of hot chocolate sauce Anuj ‘s home for some nice chat, lunch and other stuff. And the lunch!! Brinjal Bhuji, Dal Makhani Tadka, Mix Vegetable with Crushed Chillies, Rice, Roti, Tangy Mint Chutney, Red Chutney, and more than ten different varieties of Home Made Pickles.


I swear it was a foodgasm when I saw him setting the table and bringing in the food. His MOTHER prepared everything and no words I use here are capable of describing her seasoned experience and the traditional magic with which she commands her wonderland, her kitchen. I am in awe, from her cooking, to her traditional utensils and how her face lights up whenever she received a compliment from us, gobbling away like a bunch of naughty, hungry children. I pestered her to teach me a secret recipe of cooking rice which only a seasoned chef can create.

I just ate, creating perfect bites in every spoon full. Just exactly bliss! Spreading love, smile and food all around me.


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