Methi Matar Malai : The Green Side Of The Story

Cooked Methi Matar Malai today.

I started with baking the brownie in the mug recipe, but as the case with incorrect and not tested recipes… this one ended up in a disappointment. So the initial sulking and negativity sets in, seemingly enveloping my entire thought process.

But then I told myself and my mother that I need to cook something else to get over this feeling. It was her idea to cook this recipe that I have been postponing since few weeks.


The beauty about this curry is that as you go through different steps of adding various ingredients to the pan, it fills your kitchen and your senses with a bunch of aromas from the simmering fenugreek leaves to the spices in the cream.

The creamy texture of this curry combines with the green vegetables beautifully, with the roasted nuts and onions surfacing from bite to bite.

On the way to feel better! Let’s say No Going Back to 377. I am ready with my ladle!


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  1. I’ve never managed to get this right, EVER, and I’ve officially give up on it.

    1. Hey never give up on the food if you love it like yourself…. I don’t really know how its supposed to be but surely can help you out with some versions of it. 🙂

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