The Apple Pie I Gave Up On

Baked Apple Pie today.

You must consider the fact that I try to find recipes for which I can find ingredients conveniently and economically in my neighborhood. That includes a good deal of compromise and innovation from my side and my ever present life saver, my mother.

So when I baked the pie, its crust didn’t set and the layer of custard on top was still gooey. The only silver lining was the well cooked apple filling in the middle, which i didn’t know how to save. So I kept it aside and went for a sulky nap. But what do I see when I woke up?


That the custard layer has thickened enough and the crust is half way set. It’s edible and tasted good. That’s all that matters to me. I give up too easy and I am not happy about this fact. I gave up my faith on this pie too easily and it surprised me. I am trying to learn things and I am on my way. Don’t give up yet! There’s more to savour in life. I will wait for more. Bonn appetite!


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