The Cookie Factory and My Nose

Baked Vanilla Almond Cookies today.

Believe you me when I tell you this, I like my nose and sniffing abilities around good food, bakeries, yellow pages of old books, and flowers rather than umm…. never mind!

The point is there is this biscuit manufacturing factory near my place. Now I don’t travel down its way much, but whenever I do, I make sure to flare up my nostrils to the max and sniff in like there’s no tomorrow. And girl do I enjoy doing that! It has become one of the things that I cherish to do now.

These Almond Cookies turned out surprisingly good and crunchy, other than a bit of salty side to it. Its inner texture is full of crisp bits of ginger and almonds with an aroma of vanilla surrounding it.

Yumm! *long sniff*


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